Game and Nature Reserves

Rogerstown Estuary

Rogerstown Estuary is an estuary in Ireland. It is situated just north of the Donabate-Portrane peninsula, and also south of Rush, on Ireland’s east coast about 25 km north of Dublin, The estuary is made up of saltwater marshes, raised salt marsh, wet meadows and riverine shallows and creeks.

Turvey Allotments

Turvey Allotments ,Park in the Republic of Ireland Address: Turvey Ave, Turvey, Donabate, Co. Fingal, Ireland

Booterstown Nature Reserve

Booterstown Nature Reserve is a four-hectare water marsh which may be viewed from the road. Information boards have been erected. There is a wide variety of birds which visit the area. Opposite the marsh is the former home of the famous Irish tenor, Count John McCormack, with its distinctive conical turret. Image Map